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Quilta make new music and old music. Just music.


Integrity and quality are all that unite the repertoire, whether the song is original or adapted from another songwriter.


Elizabethan songwriters would perform their own work and have their songbooks reproduced internationally.

So too has it been standard for singer-songwriters of our time that composer and performer are one, and reinterpretation natural.

We aim to bring these ideas together, sharing old songs with new audiences (and, yes, new songs with old audiences...).


The individual members of the group are all specialists in Renaissance, folk and improvising traditions:

Michael, a concert singer with jazz roots; Naomi, an improvising Baroque and Classical specialist; Emily and Arngeir, incredibly versatile musicians in early and new music at Shakespeare's Globe, the West End and beyond and Seth, an improvising and composing bass player with vast experience in jazz, free and new music.



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